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 2019-03-17 13:50:00  Riddik007

In DOWNLOAD > Freight cars > Isotermic cars added autonomous refrigerated wagon (ARW) #0002

 2019-03-16 21:15:00  Riddik007

In DOWNLOAD > Freight cars > Isotermic cars added isothermic wagons #0012-0013

 2019-03-16 21:13:00  Riddik007

In DOWNLOAD > Freight cars > Isotermic cars added isothermic wagons #0012-0013

 2019-03-12 00:10:00  Anthrax

In DOWNLOAD > Electric > VL10/VL10u added VL10-1434

 2019-01-15 10:30:00  Anthrax

In DOWNLOAD > Freight cars > Boxcars added boxcars #28-29

 2019-01-06 19:30:00  Riddik007

In DOWNLOAD > Electric > VL8/VL8m added VL8m-956

 2019-01-06 14:35:00  Riddik007

In DOWNLOAD > Freight cars > Boxcars added boxcars #25-27

In DOWNLOAD > Freight cars > Boxcars readded boxcars #18,23

 2018-12-31 15:30:00  Команда TrainSim

Dear friends, TrainSim team wishes you a Happy New Year. We wish you a smooth and prosperous road to success, clear goals and long-term plans, unquenchable strength and friendship, family happiness, high income and success. Let the new year's night give everyone a wonderful mood.

 2018-12-31 13:30:00  Riddik007

In DOWNLOAD Freight cars > Flatcars added flatcars #0027-31 for the transport of containers

 2018-11-17 01:26:00  kozya-bozya

Dear visitors, website and forum are working fine. We are still working on video site, FAQ and Trainz. Thank you for your understanding.