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There are hundreds of US routes that are available for free where the creators used DEMEX for the terrain. But I do not know if it is more difficult to obtain DEMEX as a user in Russia.


If anyone has any questions about DEMEX, I would be happy to answer! I am very experienced with the program. There is also a way in DEMEX to remove the "skew" that occurs in Russia due to the map projection that Microsoft chose to use.

Also Vicente, I am aware that there are many things to take into account. I have been working on several routes so I know how important it is to know the alignment of the track and scenery. But based on the extreme level of detail in most Russian routes, I think that Russian route makers are completely capable of doing so if they had the available tools and programs! I don't know whether or not Russian route builders use "Marker" files. The way I make routes is to use Google Earth to place markers that show very accurately where the tracks and roads go, and then import this file into the MSTS Route Editor. Doing this takes a few hours of extra work, but combined with DEMEX, it allows for extremely accurate routes!

One helpful thing is that in the U.S. we can often find engineering blueprints or drawings that show the grades (steepness of the track) and curves with high precision!

If there are any US-made programs for MSTS that any Russian route makers need help with, I am glad to help!
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