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You can replace the original SMS file, as I did for myself for almost all TE10 locomotives from this site. There are two ways to do it
1. Enter the path to another SMS file, that not causing a crash in the *.eng . Sounds for M62 locomotive may be the solution. Anyway, it solved the problem for me. Found a path of sound in the *.eng (It is after the block of lights) and change line


All this, of course, if you downloaded the M62...
Otherwise, you need to find another sounds.
2. Also you can to copy some sms strightly to the loco's folder and rename him tsrLoco_te10-eng.sms
Good luck!
Thank you! Yes, worked perfectly! I used option 1.
I'm really enjoying Russian trains!

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Sorry, I do have one last question if anyone is using the TEP10-248 in Open Rails.
Once the train is moving at a reasonable speed, the cabin door opens and shuts. I haven't found how I can keep the door either open or closed. In MSTS it just stays shut.
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