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По умолчанию Problem with installing routes

I'm interested in russian MSTS routes and a friend of mine suggested me some. However I've got a problem with those routes - I can't install them. They require the IMR Railpack and (if I'm right) the russian language pack. I've got both of them, and tried to install them first, than the route, but no succes.
My windows is hungarian (english charakters, no cyrill).
Can someone write me step by step, how to install a route, which requires the railpack and russian language?
And in the pack you can find 4 .bat files? How to run them? Which is the first, which the second etc?
Thanks for your help in advance,
1061-001 from Hungary

Ps.: 2 routes, that I've got problems with are Kievski Hod and Moscow-Kiev form the ukrainian MSTS site.
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