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Kaloyan Kotlarski 29.11.2008 20:05

Problems with driving russian trains
Greetings all!
I have downloaded ВЛ80р from your site, I know how to drive a train in MSTS, but I can't drive that one!:eek: Please write me here how to drive that train.

MatriXP 29.11.2008 21:13

At first you have to press P to raise the pantograph, then V to start motor-fan, then W to set up the reverser, then D (and A to decrease) to increase the speed. Also you may press Z. As you see this is standart complex of procedures.
So is this in case with brakes. To release locomotive brake press "[" and train brake ";".
I hope my english is understandable.

kozya-bozya 29.11.2008 21:21

Well, the first reason is MSTS bin patch

Some locomotives don't support and don't work properly with MSTSbin installed.

Solution 1:
remove the patch

Solution 2:
edit loco .eng file like this:
change "MonitoringDeviceAppliesCutsPower" from 0 to 1

and loco will be fine, of course you'll still have to use 'Z' to go.

Kaloyan Kotlarski 01.12.2008 22:04

Thank you very much. That was really the problem

zapo 15.05.2009 01:58

I can't find better topic and can't find ( :D ) the hopper car #0001 but it may need to play "Abramovka - Petrovka - Karier".

Anybody knows where is this freight car?

Damien Zhar 15.05.2009 04:09

Hmm tried trainz.ru ?

zapo 15.05.2009 18:25

Trainz.ru not contains stuff for MSTS...
But I changed it to trs hopper car 0002f with Consist Changer.

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