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itadriver 12.10.2014 11:30

Ciao, i'm from Italy and i like very much your works.
I dont speak russian so i will use google to translate.
I need help from rmm for his "switch 2/9". I hope he will answer to me.
Sorry... also my english is not so good :)
Ciao! :)

PavelDalia 19.10.2014 05:00

Ciao.Vedo che sei nuovo!
e' raro vedere un Italiano iscritto in un sito russo:D
(escluso il sottoscritto,essendo italorusso).
Buona permanenza!

Hi. I see you're new!
It is rare to see an Italian writing on a Russian site: D
(excluding myself, being italorusso).
Enjoy your stay!:rolleyes:

TRam_ 19.10.2014 06:08

[QUOTE]I need help from rmm for his "switch 2/9"[/QUOTE]I think this video - [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhjRaOI4Fl8[/url] - will help you. Unfortunately, there is no video in better resolution.

Ilya89 20.02.2015 02:30

Ciao a tutti Italo-Russi o Italiani in generale =)

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