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Accelerat 10.07.2012 15:21

Can't see Kiev-Moskva in MSTS
Hello everybody,

I just installed Kiev-Moskva for MSTS, but I can't see it in MSTS, neither in Trainstore. I installed XTracks, MSTS Bin and tried to install IMR Railpack (placed in GLOBAL/Shapes map and ran all the .bat files.
My MSTS is also set in Russian/Cyrillic which works perfect.
Can somebody help me?


ВIGMAN 10.07.2012 16:52


You need to create the start point.

Accelerat 10.07.2012 17:56

How can I do that? It's even invisible in Editors and Tools.:(

Riddik007 12.07.2012 23:00

You cab create in scenery editor a way of service

E69 12.07.2012 23:35

[QUOTE]You cab create in scenery editor a way of service [/QUOTE]Он же пишет, что не видит маршрут в редакторе.

Accelerat 17.12.2012 01:54

With some help from other MSTS-users, I changed the cyrillic characters in latin characters. Now it works perfectly, I've done the same thing to Киевский Ход which also works perfectly now.
Thanks for the responses though!

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