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Теодор Митев 26.12.2010 13:05

Hello. I hope this is the right place to ask. If not, i apologize. I have a strange problem with the bogey i am making. When i started making it it was very large, because i was making it by a blueprint. After scaling it to normal i found a problem. As you can see on the picture, i had to use "Normal" tool to fix these objects. Then came the other problem - the lighting, when i used the tool it turns out that the lighting is mirrored (flipped if you like). Where the light falls on the bogey is actully mirrored on the other side if you understand me. See for your self on the last picture. If anyone had the same problem, please help me out.

Before I applied the tool. :mad:

Applying the tool.

After the "Normal tool".

The result. :eek:

TRam_ 26.12.2010 13:26

Make a box, convert it in an editable poly and attach all parts of your model to it. Than delete the box. :)

Теодор Митев 26.12.2010 23:34

Thank you for your reply. I will try that as soon as i come back home. :)

Теодор Митев 28.12.2010 11:29

That worked, thank you TRam. :39:. Happy Holidays. :40::42:

specialist 29.12.2010 08:47

Hi! And you have a Happy New Year. Been moved to the section for pischuschih in foreign languages.

Теодор Митев 27.09.2011 22:24

Thank you for the corrections made. Greetings from Bulgaria. :drinks:

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