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1061-001 31.07.2010 13:20

Route-Industrial Community
Dear everyone!

I have discovered the russian phantasy route Industrial Community, and I really like it. In the russian forum I have seen some screenshots, in which the TU4 loco pulls some wagons, filled with garbage. I'm interested in it, where can I download those wagons?

My other question about this route is, if someone has made a timetable for it or not? If yes, is it avaliable somewhere?

And last but not least: I think, that this is the best narrow gauge route ever :)
And if the author of the route reads this, I would ask him, whether he wants to continue, or not?

SmaiL 31.07.2010 23:34

The author wrote a card in the PM, I think he will answer.

Did someone had a script I do not know.

Map is now done, here you can visit the theme maps [url]http://trainsim.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=3853[/url]

Sorry for the clumsy English ..

Shimanski 03.08.2010 00:35

My inglish is bad. but...

Dumpcar full of garbige will be avalibale on my site relsomania.ucoz.ru

Unfortunale it is fully Russian.

It will be have autoinstalator.

Timetable is Avalibale also on my site. It calls NGDP (НГДП) But it is done only for version 2.5

We will made it soon.

Best regards!

1061-001 16.01.2011 16:05

Thanks for the answer!
I don't want to be rude to ask it all the time, but it was a long time ago, when you have written that comment. So I would be interested about the wagon again. Does it have a problem, or it is simply not yet ready. I would really transport garbage, my route is full of it... :D ;)

Lucho 20.08.2011 17:22

Hi there.

Can you tell me where could i find more electrified routes like BMO-1 ?

Riddik007 20.08.2011 21:21

You can download Stepanki 3 from train-driver.ru Odessa and Kievskiy Hod from zdsim.kiev.ua

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