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Railion 1600 18.07.2009 12:05

Is there a correct cabview for the great CHME3-series from this site? The cab from this site is aliased to the GP38. The best alternative cab that I've found is the CHME5-cabview from [url]http://duuso.demmsts.sk/kabiny.htm[/url], good cabview but a bit different from the real CHME3. And some locomotive sounds don't work here, but the sound options are the highest quality and I've downloaded a new soundcfgl.dat. The locomotive sounds with the problems are the M62/2M62(U) and the VL8.

Railion 1600 27.07.2009 11:42

I have an question about the new sounds (sound 2) for TEP70-locos. What is the difference between the normal cab.sms files and cab-club.sms files?

Im-Ho-Tep 27.07.2009 12:30

'Club' (rus. КЛУБ) in this case stands for Russian analog of AWS. This system is electronic-based, thus there is no ticking sound of mechanical speedometer winding mechanism.

Railion 1600 27.07.2009 19:29

Thank you. Do you know which locomotives are rebuilt to the electronic-based system?

Im-Ho-Tep 28.07.2009 20:14

Eh-h... What did you meant - in-game models or the real ones?
As fo real, basically any of Russian/Soviet locomotives can be equipped by this system (of course not counting steamers). And as far as a MSTS's model, you could see one in EP1-cabview from this site.

Railion 1600 29.07.2009 00:38

Well, I mean which numbers (of this site, I got the locos 0210, 0230, 0250, 0275, 0293, 0320 and 0325) are rebuild with a new speedometer? I guess this is a tricky question, as far I know there are more than 300 TEP70's built, but maybe know you (or anyone else who read this) which locos are rebuilt.

Radiotrance 06.08.2009 00:03

You can rebuild any loco and add there a CLUB by yourself. Just get the right cabin with club system and set right sounds for the loco.

pityu009 06.07.2010 22:59

I welcome everybody here!

I'd like to play with the 4TE10S diesel locomotive, but I find nowhere the (referred by the page: YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD ..... SOUNDS FOR TE10 VER. 0.2 OR NEWEST) sound file of the TE10 train. So what should I do to be able to operate it? Before the responds, I thank your helps.

apelsin7 07.07.2010 22:55

You should download sounds ТЭ10 from [url]http://www.trainsim.ru/download/154/[/url]
And to write down in .eng file a way to .sms file.

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