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Maksimus 22.01.2010 00:23

2ТЭ25К goes only on area Vorkuta - Sosnogorsk. Beside us on area 2ТЭ116 not when and was not!

Raskolnikov 22.01.2010 01:29

[QUOTE]2ТЭ25К goes only on area Vorkuta - Sosnogorsk. [/QUOTE]
And Sosnogorsk-Solvychegodsk?

Maksimus 22.01.2010 16:29

No, I heard and saw that they only go from Sosnogorska before Vorkuty.

AirPot 18.05.2010 03:40

Any progress with this locomotive?

Maksimus 18.05.2010 07:35

5200 tons easy drags.

vitalzd 18.05.2010 07:52

а че это вы вдруг на английскийский перешли ?:)
ой...извините , не посмотрел раздел темы!

AirPot 16.06.2010 03:32


Little progress, hehe I think I will never finish this loco, tho I don't have good textures for it...

Maksimus 16.06.2010 11:06

Is it Well got! А for what he plays?

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