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wpfan 16.06.2010 21:52

How to set up characters
I joined this forum for two reasons. One being my interest in trains, and the other to help my study of the Russian language. I'm hoping someone could tell me how to set up my computer to type in Cyrillic characters.

Navigating forum registration was interesting to say the least.


aksid74 22.06.2010 10:53

Lets clarify: you want to type in Cyrillic using your keyboard. Is it right?
You know it's not convenient if you don't have Cyrillic symbols on buttons. If you want type just a simple and short sentence and not messing around with marking letters on the keys then I would recommend site: translit.ru. It is web based keyboard and it is very easy to work with. In case you really want to have your keyboard in hand then you need to provide more details about your computer: PC or MAC and OS version. Then I give you more or less detailed instructions on how to setup your system to be able to type in Russian.

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