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  Route "Suojarvi V2"
Suoyari Route V2
Version 2.0
The route is based on the sections Kuznechnoe-Suoyarvi-Petrozavodsk, Suoyarvi-Ledmozero-Kostomuksha of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. The total length of the route is about 900 km. Most of the route is on autonomous traction.
Diesel locomotives of the following series are operated: (D)M62, 2M62(U), 3M62U, 2TE116, 2TE116U, TEM2, TEM18DM, CHME3, TEP70(BS).
Electric locomotives: 2(3)ES5K, 2(3)ES4K, VL80(S,T), VL10, VL15, EP20, EP1M.
Summer, winter and night textures are implemented in the route.
For the correct operation of the route, it is necessary to have installed:
1. MSTS-bin version 1.6 or higher
2. XTracks version 3.20 or higher
3. NewRoads version 4.0 or higher
After installation, the route will be located in the Suojarvi V2 folder
The main differences from Suojarvi 1.0
1) the Suoyarvi - Kostomuksha section was built with a line to the quarry of the mining and processing plant.
2) the alarm from the KE is installed.
3) updated the environment in Petrozavodsk, Ruskeala Mountain Park, Sortavala, etc.
4) the white nights mode is implemented (only for MSTS).
5) sections of the path were shifted in some places, so that the base of the path is different
Authors of the route:
Alexander Alexandrov (ak130)
Pavel Baryshnikov - (Pate)
Alarm system, Contact network, etc.
Konstantin Eliseev (KE)
Authors of objects:
There are many of them and they are specified in the file Readme.txt


Авторы маршрута:
Александр Александров (ak130)
Павел Барышников - (Паштет)
Сигнализация, Контактная сеть и др.
Константин Елисеев (KE)
Авторы объектов:
Их много и указаны в файле Readme.txt

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