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Download - Activities for Stepanovka

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  The script "Morning suburb"
SCENARIO: Morning suburb
ITINERARY: Stepanovka v.2.1
Lokomotiv players: TEP70-0398
Season: Summer. clear
Time: 5:00
Duration: ~ 3 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate
The scenario was created during a patch Bin 1.8.052113
Early summer morning, you stand up to replace. You have to bring in a commuter train from the Lake to Stepanok with all stops except the OP Prigorodki.
The speed limit on the route and - according to the monitor path.
 Scenario - winner scenarios 2014-2015


Дмитрий Шкинин (Dr.Train)

Added: May 19, 2015 9:14:47 PM
Size: 394 КБ
Downloaded: 1788 times

  Passenger train to Stepanki
Scenario - participant scenarios Trainsim 2011 . Extra space.
Route: 2.0 Stepanivka
Patch : MSTSPatch 1.8.052113en
Lokomotiv player : TEP70BS- 111
Weather : Summer , sunny
Starting time: 15:00
Closing time: 15:55
You need to conduct a passenger train to Stepanki . Your train is a little late . Need to catch up late and try to hold the train on schedule. A manager will possibly miss you . Stepanki the station where they will change the locomotive crew , and the end of the script. Must adhere to the schedule , as peak traffic on the highway !


GRIG, Сергей Перевалов (Сергей1969) - проведение конкурса

Added: May 14, 2014 3:23:24 PM
Size: 150 Kb
Downloaded: 6062 times

  Evening train to Abramovka

Name: Evening train to Abramovka
Route: Stepanovka ver. 2.0
The locomotive: TEP70-0297
Start: 17:00
Duration: 2:26
Weather: Summer, clear


Сергей Перевалов (Сергей 1969)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:20:10 PM
Size: 259 кБ
Downloaded: 5785 times

  Abramovka - Petrovka - Karier

Название: Abramovka - Petrovka - Karier
Маршрут: Stepanovka 2.0
Locomotive: Diesel trainset DRB1-0273
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Middle

Your working day begins at the station of Abramovka. Your task is to pick up workers at all the stops except Dahnovka and to deliver them to their place of work to the platform Karier.
A lot of passenger and suburban trains also drives along the route at this time. So watch at the signals attentively and drive your train strongly according to your timetable.
Note. After departure form Sorokino there will be a yellow signal. The next one will be red. Wait for the freight train and then wait for the suburban diesel train. After that at 6:00 you may start moving carefully. After you will see that the red signal changed onto green you may increase your speed.


Евгений Новиков (РыцарьРР)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:16:15 PM
Size: 36 Кб
Downloaded: 14883 times

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