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Download - Activities for Savelovo

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Lokomotiv players: 2M62-0503
Season: Summer. clear
Time: 15:20
Duration: ~ 3 hours 20 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate
The scenario was created during a patch Bin 1.8.052113
The scenario was created for the service to the real schedule of the train №5966, which is stored in the archive script.
You have to bring in freight train №5966 from Savelovo to Sonkovo. The expected path of the crossing for some stations.
Be attentive to the profile path on the route.
Maximum speed in the script - 80 km / h.
Recommended speed:
- On the stretch Savelovo - White Town - 70-75 km / h
- On the stretch of the White Town - Kalyazin, post and beyond - 65-70 km / h and above, depending on the circumstances, but not more than 80.
ATTENTION!!! Version of the route - Savelovo 2.0


Дмитрий Шкинин (Dr.Train)

Added: Oct 3, 2015 10:41:51 PM
Size: 294 kb
Downloaded: 2215 times

  No room for error

You have to ride 2TE116-176 with a freight train in 2678, 67 gondola cars loaded with coal, the weight of 4489 tons, 268 axes, length 931 m. The rate of fuel per section - 309 liters (68 gallons), bring the composition to Savelovo laid in rule. You have no room for error.

ATTENTION!!! Version of the route - Savelovo 1.0


Анатолий (Толяныч), Перевалов Сергей (Сергей1969)

Added: Oct 3, 2015 10:46:59 PM
Size: 175 Kb
Downloaded: 5032 times

  Transit timber

In this warm summer evening you went to a regular flight from Uglich, Savelovo and now come to the Kalyazin.
Obey all orders of particle board and the change will be easy and pleasant. The speed on the route according to the monitor path.
Round wheelset!

ATTENTION!!! Version of the route - Savelovo 1.0


Перевалов Сергей (Сергей1969)

Added: Oct 3, 2015 10:47:43 PM
Size: 40kb
Downloaded: 4773 times

  Suburban from the Savelovo

You will now conduct a commuter train № 6274 "Savelova-UGLICH" on site "Savelova - Kalyazin."
Attention! After the game without a team CPD NOT SEND!

ATTENTION!!! Version of the route - Savelovo 1.0


Перевалов Сергей (Сергей1969)

Added: Oct 3, 2015 10:48:14 PM
Size: 185kb
Downloaded: 4564 times

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