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Download - Activities for Moscow-Kiev

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  Scenario "special assignment"
Scenario: A special task
Route: Moscow-Kiev 1.0 full version from the site
Lokomotiv players: VL10U-595
Weather: Summer is clear
Start: 12:00
End: 16:00
The scenario was created and tested with the patch MSTSPatch 1.7.051922
In this scenario, the player controls an electric locomotive VL10U-595, assignment of a locomotive depot of Art. Bekasovo-Grade (TCHE-23). The player will first conduct a train from the station №2103. Bekasovo-Grade to the station. Latvian. The train with electric locomotive, locomotive crew but ran out of time, so the dispatcher instructed the head drive electric VL10U-595 and follow to the station. Latvian, where the train will wait №2103 new locomotive crew. Then, the player, as directed by the Manager, go to the reserves Art. Bekasovo-I, where he will perform a special task controller (need to attach excluded electric and follow him at the station. Solar). The transport regulations are exceptions (nonworking) provide rolling stock following the two locomotives (one in the head, another in the tail, in order to avoid samorastsepov) and rate limiting. Then the player goes to the train dispatcher. The script has a crossing, overtaking, driving on removal, shunting operations. In short, the scenario for fans to stand up to red. Carefully follow the instructions on duty stations and clearly follow them, it depends on the progress of the script. ATTENTION !!! Make sure your locomotive running second cabin, as will have to manage both cabins. The velocity of the train in the script or reserve - 80 km / h, when receiving the path on the side - not more than 40 km / h, shunting movements - not more than 20 km / h. The speed at following on the stretch with excluded electric locomotive - not more than 50 km / h. Do not exceed! In case the overspeed scenario can be completed ahead of schedule. Most often remain. Good luck to you trip !!!
Scenario - participant scenarios 2014-2015


Алексей Любченко (АлексЛ298)

Added: Feb 13, 2016 11:48:50 AM
Size: 232 КБ
Downloaded: 2692 times

  Scenario "on May 9. 551 minutes an additional"
Scenario: 551 minutes extra
Route: Moscow-Kiev 1.0 full version from the site
Locomotive: CHS7-051
Weather: Summer is clear
Start: 10:53
End: 12:31
Today is a holiday, May 9 - Victory Day! In spite of this, for you it's time and you will spend an additional passenger eating №551 message Moscow-Kyiv-Donetsk route from the station Moscow-Kiev-Passenger station Vorsino. The maximum train speed of 120 km / h (recommended speed in the scenario 115 - 118 km / h), rejecting the path on the side - no more than 40 km / h, shunting movements - not more than 20 km / h. Do not exceed the speed !!! Listen for reports of station duty officer and his assistant, follow them. Most often remain. Have a good trip!


Алексей Любченко (АлексЛ298)

Added: May 19, 2015 8:46:14 PM
Size: 580 КБ
Downloaded: 1697 times

  139 St. PETERSBURG-Bryansk

The trip on the train №139 message Saint-Petersburg - Bryansk on the actual schedule. You have already accepted the engine, the train itself in Povarovo-3
and ready to move from the crowded due to the element of BMO in Kiev
move...In the archive folder is present with the alternative of rolling stock, in the readme which contains links to the download.

SCENARIO: 139 St. Petersburg, Bryansk
NAME of the SCRIPT FILE: fx1_139.act
ROUTE: Moscow-Kiev (version 1.0 full) from site
LOKOMOTIV PLAYER: electric Locomotive ЧС7-046 (zdsLoco_chs7-046)
TIME of YEAR: Winter
JOURNEY TIME: 45 minutes


Чернышов Игорь (Fox-Kolpino)

Added: Jul 15, 2014 4:48:32 PM
Size: 255 Kb
Downloaded: 4949 times

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