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Download - Activities for Kuban

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Scenario suburban 6501
Itinerary: In the vastness of the Kuban 1.0-1.1
scenario was created and tested with the patch 1.8.0105
Lokomotiv player : train ED9M -0105
Season / Weather : Summer - clear
Script start time : 10:00
Closing script : 11:25
You will spend a commuter train with all the stops to Stalinodar . At the start Suhosteblievskaya - passenger crossing with passenger , Suhosteblievskaya - Trading with electric train crossing , crossing Tikhonkaya with electric train , 1495km Rzd pass fast train to remove . Stalinodar -2 pass passenger train removal .
Stalinodar disembarkation of passengers and departures in the depot.
How to install the missing files in the itinerary:
1) Open the folder and TSP_litery perekin'te folder SHAPES, TEXTURES in root route ROUTES \ Kuban and agree with the replacement (if you have windows 7 , put daw when copying files . )
2) Replace the file signaling (sigcfg.dat), which comes bundled with the script and throws it in the root route ROUTES \ Kuban.
Scenario - participant scenarios 2013


Краснов Евгений (Евгений25)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:38:53 PM
Size: 407 Kb
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