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Download - Activities for Odessa

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  In port
Scenario: In port (in the game called "the port") 
Route: Odessa v1.0 + patches v1.1, v1.2
Locomotive: Вл80т-1422
Start: 3:20
Finish: 4:40
Duration: 1:20 
Time of year: Summer
Weather: Clear
Difficulty: Medium
Location: Odessa
Where: Akkara
The script requires the MSTSbin patch. Tested on version 1.8.052113
Speed for your train is not more than 80 km/h
Shunting movement: the reserve and with the cars ahead is not more 20 km/h
with the cars back no more than 15 km/h
Mixed train to port. The route You have to make small maneuvers.
Discussion of the scenario in the SUBJECT


Сергей Паздерин (Kondyktor)

Added: Sep 1, 2016 11:09:02 PM
Size: 156Kb
Downloaded: 1258 times

Title: Working days
Route: Odessa with all patches (1.0, 1.1, 1.2 ) from the site
The scenario was created and tested with the patch MSTSPatch 1.7.051922
Lokomotiv player : VL80k - 106 - 2396 VL80S
Weather: Summer, clear
Start : 9:00
Closing time: 11:56
Action script displays normal workdays locomotive crews . Workdays railway - this passenger and commuter traffic , freight traffic , shunting operations , technological "window" for the repair work , etc. and so every day is like the previous one. In the scenario " Working days " player receives electric VL80k -106 , located in the New Park Station Odessa Siltings . In elegant machinist instructed to make the exchange of electric locomotive and take VL80S - 2396 , which according to the locomotive at the station manager is Odessa Trading . But the train dispatcher his plans , he needs to pick up cargo . So it you just will not let go , be sure to give any train. After the exchange of locomotives under Art. Odessa -Tov , you go to the station reserve Odessa Zastava , which has long formed the group expects locomotive train station Separate appointment I ( consisting of 4 has a cutaway for the station wagon Usatove ) , and will lead you . Driving on a decent site , so " green road " manager promise you will not , and even on the stretch Karpovo - Eremeevka in even gave way Railwaymen " window." So in the script and parking will be on the red and overtaking and crossing and riding removal , and the wrong way - in general, all that can happen in the usual weekday . The maximum speed of 80 km / h , in a side path - 40 km / h , the maneuvers - 20 km / h DO NOT EXCEED THE SPEED ! Otherwise, it will be the completion of the script with a loss . Follow the directions on duty stations , train dispatcher and tips of his faithful assistant. Often persist, it is recommended to use the key mem. Successful change you !
Scenario - winner scenarios 2013


Алексей Любченко (АлексЛ298)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:39:36 PM
Size: 351 Kb
Downloaded: 3198 times

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