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Download - Activities for Malohitovka

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  Coal to Komsomolsk
Scenario : "Coal to Komsomolsk"
Route: Malahitovka ( patch 2 + patch-2.5 + patch 4)
Created with the patch : Patch MSTS 1.8.052113
Lokomotiv player — 2TE10M - 3423
The point of departure — Preporuka
Point of arrival — Komsomolsk
Start time — 08:10:00
Journey time — 1 hour 55 min. 
Difficulty — Medium
Time of year — Summer
Weather — Clear
You need to deliver the composition from the station Preporuka to Komsomolsk.
Discussion of the scenario in the SUBJECT


Кондрат Сидорович

Added: Sep 1, 2016 11:10:19 PM
Size: 246Kb
Downloaded: 1484 times

  Export Working
Title: The export operation 
Route: Malohitovka + 2 + patch Patch 2.5 + 4-patch 
Locomotive: 2TE116-448 
The weight of the composition (66 cars): 5005 tons
Start: 8:00 
Duration: 1:50 
Difficulty: Hard Weather: Summer
clear Language: Russian (requires Russification) 
- Total compositions - 1
- Total locomotives sections - 2
- Total wagons - 0
- All members - 19
- Total locomotives sections - 31
- Number of cars - 385
- All members - 11
- Total locomotives sections - 8
- Number of cars - 260
in total
- All members - 31
- Total locomotives sections - 41
- Number of cars - 645
Mission Description: 
Normal shift locomotive crew export locomotive Praporovka nodal station. Although it is usually a day can not be called simple! You have to take away from Praporovka on Malahitovka heavy freight train with a cutaway for Berezhansk. The export locomotives are not quickly pass privileges, and taking into account the profile of the path, it will require you to display great skill ...



Арваджинов Алексей (Jorgy)

Added: Mar 9, 2016 7:26:23 PM
Size: 999 kb
Downloaded: 1590 times

  Evening fast
Stsenariy- Evening soon (created when installed patches Bin 1.8.052113)
Lokomotiv player - tsrLoco_tep70bs-151; tsrLoco_tep70-0398
Route - Malohitovka + all patches with
Point of departure - Malohitovka
Point of arrival - Komsomolsk
Start Time - 18:00:00
Journey time - 2 hours 50 minutes
Initial speed - 0 km / h
Complexity - Easy
Season - Summer
Weather - Clear
   - All members - 1
   - All sections of locomotives - 1
   - All cars - 17
   - All members - 44
   - All sections of locomotives - 211
   - All cars - 1360
   - All members - 1
   - All sections of locomotives - 1
   - All cars - 0
in total
   - All members - 46
   - All sections of locomotives - 213
   - All cars - 1377
Scenario description:
Evening fast №24
Summer evening, you will spend the management of fast train №24. Unforeseen situations not expected, but you must follow a rigid schedule. Possible delays at the station.
Bon Voyage!
The archive in the "Manual Installation" is a folder with alternative .con files and a list of n / s for replacement.


Дмитрий Шкинин (Dr.Train)

Added: Dec 13, 2014 7:11:15 PM
Size: 232 kb
Downloaded: 2272 times

Scenario: Rarity ( available in the game called " Rarity" )
Route: Malohitovka patches v1.0 + v2.0, v2.5, v4.0
Locomotive: 2TE121 -029
Start : 14:00
Finish : 16:55
Duration: 2:55
Season : Summer
Weather : Partly Cloudy
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Kamishin
Where : Komsomolsk- Product
The script requires a patch MSTSbin. Tested on version 1.8.052113
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
3402 minutes made ​​train. By Kapustino and Brushino provided uncoupling cars.
Observe the speed limit , carefully read the message.
Recommended speed : 70- 75km / h
Maximum : not more than 80km / h
Deviations on the arrows at the stations and a double-track boxes : 40km / h
Replacing Kukuevskuyu locomotive crew and taking you wait complete maneuvers.
Hoppernaja spinner hitched , we have to wait Nudger locomotive .
Scenario - participant scenarios 2013 3rd place.


Сергей Паздерин (Kondyktor)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:40:09 PM
Size: 241 Kb
Downloaded: 2821 times

  Malohitivsky grain carrier

An early summer morning, at the station Praporovka, You took a diesel locomotive 4ТЭ10С in trehsectionnoi version, in which You will take the grain to Malohitivki


Шкинин Дмитрий (Dr.Train)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:33:59 PM
Size: 171 kb
Downloaded: 4145 times

  An unexpected change

You were вызванны on the occasion of the sudden stop of a commuter train in the midst of a relay. The brakes are tested, the system of the locomotive in the norm, you can leave the depot.


Кузьменко Артём (luxeon)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:33:13 PM
Size: 129 kb
Downloaded: 4523 times


You engineer an old class 2TE116-736. He was lucky. He was not sent to the "fish a number of" wait for their fate. Today is his first flight in a new guise.


Паздерин Сергей (Kondyktor)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:32:16 PM
Size: 225 kb
Downloaded: 3742 times

Scenario-participant scenarios Trainsim 2011. First place. 
Route: Malohitovka patches v1.0 + v2.0, v2.5, v4.0 
Locomotive: TEP10-048 
Start: 8:55 
Finish: 10:50 
Duration: 1:55 
Season: Autumn 
Weather: Partly Cloudy 
Difficulty: Moderate 
Location: Praporovka 
Where: Malohitovka 
This beautiful autumn morning you will deliver the 613th local "Kama-Malohitovka." 
In Praporovke change occurs and the type of locomotive traction. You are not changing the cab "stopped" at first busy road, where they stopped to purge the brake line.


Сергей Паздерин (Kondyktor), Сергей Перевалов (Сергей1969) - проведение конкурса

Added: May 14, 2014 3:24:53 PM
Size: 700 Kb
Downloaded: 6349 times

  Switch Working

Name: Switch Working
Route: Malohitovka + Patch 1
Locomotive: TEM2-998
Start: 8:00
Duration: 2:00
Weather: Summer, clear
Language: English

In the serene summer morning, when the sun by the first beams begins to warm up air, which has cooled down for night, you, on TEN-2, stand on small, settled down near villages Kizim, railway station with the same name. Fresh morning air is impregnated with aromas of meadow herbs recently of stacked impregnated cross ties and ripening wheat. On a calendar "top" of a summer. The station Kizim is used basically for standing of freight cars in a reserve, and just today you should take away from it some units of the rolling-stock of cargoes, necessary for loading, and to deliver them to various stations. Before the beginning of work closely familiarize with the task. Your high-speed mode: at switch work no more than 20 km/h, on a way no more than 60 km/h.


Иванов Анатолий (Axl)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:19:06 PM
Size: 104 кб
Downloaded: 20971 times

  Additional Diesel

Name: Additional Diesel
Route: Malohitovka + Patch 1 + Patch 2
Locomotive: Diesel trainset DRB1-0273
Start: 11:00
Duration: 4:00
Weather: Summer, clear
Language: English

As is known, summer and weekend days quantity of the passengers using suburban trains is considerably increased. In this connection the management of the enterprise "Komsomolsktransprigorod" has nominated an additional suburban train № 6317 Malohitovka-Komsomol'sk, stipulated in the time-table " under the instruction". The diesel engine trainset follows with all stops.
Under the time-table departure from Malohitovka at 11.03, arrival in Komsomol'sk at 14.00. As important stop by the way is st. Praporovka, arrival at 12.41, where many passengers change to other trains and electric trainset. Now borrow a place of the engineer and be sent in a way as soon as the exit traffic light will open, but take into account that the additional diesel trainset can be detained in ways by other trains. The maximal speed of your train 80 km/h.


Иванов Анатолий (Axl)

Added: May 14, 2014 3:17:46 PM
Size: 121 кб
Downloaded: 18359 times

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